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Kemper House
Kemper House is a residential care facility that specializes in caring for all stages and all types of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Dementia care, it is all we do.
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Kemper Center for Cognitive Health & Wellness
Kemper Cognitive Wellness is a functional medicine practice specializing in brain health, memory and cognition.
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Kemper Kitchen
Kemper Kitchen isn’t just a nutrition program. At Kemper Kitchen, we believe in good, healthy and simple ingredients. When you eat better, you feel better.
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Kemper Consulting
Kemper Consulting provides a wide array of consulting services in the areas of Assisted Living, Finance, Data, Analytics, Census Strategic Planning, Training, and Legal and more.
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Interiors for Seniors
Interiors for Seniors, is The Kemper Company’s unique facility design philosophy. In this capacity, our designer coordinates selections of furnishings & surface treatments, schedules care, maintenance, & replacement.
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The Kemper Company

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