About Us


About Us

Betty Kemper founded The Kemper Company in 1994 because of her frustrations with traditional residential care for aging adults. As both a family member trying to meet the challenges of caring for aging parents and a health care professional, Kemper saw much that needed to be changed and improved to provide older adults with a quality of life and dignity. Betty Kemper’s vision and determination led her to create The Kemper Company to design and develop housing and systems of management and care for seniors.

The Kemper Company began as a hand-picked group of individuals committed to the design and management of facilities and programs for the care of those with special needs, including physical, behavioral and sensory needs. Focusing initially on dementia care, The Kemper Company quickly became an expert in the field known for their quality of care and individualized solutions and approach to residential living for geriatric health care. Through the successful development and management of the Kemper Houses in Northeastern Ohio, the company has accomplished much of Betty Kemper’s initial vision to meaningfully improve the lives of aging adults and their families.

The Kemper Company’s success has made it a highly valued consultant and partner in the development and management of housing and care facilities for seniors as well as recreational properties. The company is often asked to help ownership groups’ turn around or reimagine troubled facilities because of The Kemper Company’s conscientious and thoughtful solutions to problems. The company’s hands-on, detail-oriented approach to development and management includes its interdisciplinary team including their own health care, legal, financial and human resource professionals.

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